Speaking Club


The Speaking Club Online is the best way to practice speaking in English.
Structured conversation groups with a native English host.
We are also joined regularly by awesome native English teachers from around the world!

Minimum level: Intermediate

The Speaking Club is


Better social profiles – The personal profiles are now much more developed, with self-introduction, links to social media, messaging, friends list, and more.
Find a language partner search form – Find awesome speaking practice partners by country, language, hobbies, and more.
Easier booking process – The Speaking Club booking process is also much simpler now. One-click booking, no emails.

Yes, unfortunately, you need to make a new account ~ sorry!
There were too many bots in the previous site so I decided not to move the database 🙂

No, of course not. I will check every day and add your old membership to the new site. If you notice that I haven’t done it yet, you can send me a message to contact@speakingclub.com and I’ll do it as soon as possible.

There could be a few reasons:
– Make sure you activate your account after registration (check your spam folder too)
– If you had an account on the old site, you still need to make a new account on this site ~ sorry!

Email blocked – Sorry, we are using a strong spam filter to prevent bots, and it’s possible that some valid emails are blocked. If this happens, please contact us here: contact@speakingclub.com

Meet people from

Practice speaking in a real life setting
➞ Host will arrange everything
➞ New topics every meeting
➞ One on one conversation
➞ Multiple partners

Make friends


A social platform for language lovers
➞ Find a Partner search form
➞ Add friends
➞ Messaging
➞ Rate your partners


Due to the terrible situation we are all facing these days, we have decided to reduce our prices by:
50% for everyone
100% for all medical staff



$ 0
  • 1 weekly meeting
  • Find a partner
  • Forum access
  • Ads

1 month

$ 9
  • $14.99
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Find a partner
  • Forum access
  • No ads

3 months

$ 24
  • $38.99
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Find a partner
  • Forum access
  • No ads
15% OFF

6 months

$ 44
  • $64.99
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Find a partner
  • Forum access
  • No ads
25% OFF

(further proof may be required)