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Reviews are an important part of the Speaking Club experience.
They can help others find language partners and bring accountability to the language exchange model.


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Yes, the hosts are normally native speakers of the language of the meeting…but remember that during the meetings you will be speaking primarily with other English learners.

Confidence – Confidence in a language is a key part of being able to express yourself fluently. To gain confidence, you just need to practice and place yourself in an environment where speaking in the target language is the only option.

Active vocabulary – One of the main difficulties in advancing to a higher level, is learning to use all the vocabulary that you know. The problem many students face is that they can understand and recognize many words, but they can’t remember them when they speak. In order to get vocabulary from the passive phase to the active one, you need to hear/see the words many times, ideally in many places.

The minimum age to participate in the regular meetings is 16 years old.
There are Kids meetings held separately for under 16 year olds.


There are a few topics that we do not allow on the forums, such as anything that might considered rude or offensive, anything directed at a mature audience, and other speaking clubs.

You are allowed to post your contact information, but we would advise you NOT to post your phone number as it would make you a target of spammers and other unwanted solicitors.
Other members can send you a friend request and then you can exchange contacts privately.

Speaking Club for Kids

It is very similar to the normal meetings except that only under 16-year-olds are allowed to participate.
We wanted to provide a place for our younger members to be able to interact with other youngsters from around the world and discuss topics more closely related to their age group.

The minimum level is intermediate. You need to be able to have a conversation in English to be able to participate.

If you are not sure whether or not your (or your child’s) level is sufficient, you are very welcome to come and try. If your level is insufficient, the host will take you aside and let you know 🙂

No. Parents are not required to attend, but they are very welcome to be nearby. We do ask the parents to not participate as we want these meetings to be for young people to talk. There is a host there to provide a safe environment for our young members.

Safety is a major priority for us at the Speaking Club. This is why there is always a host on hand to organize the rooms and make sure that only kids attend. The host is also always going around the rooms during the meeting and can be called to the room by all the participants to help if needed.

Speaking Club Debates

The Speaking Club Debates is a meeting to practice debating in a friendly manner.
This is NOT a place to push your personal opinion.

  • No shouting
  • No insults
  • No interrupting
    Remember to always be respectful and listen to the other participants when it is their turn.

The meeting is one hour.

Part 1: 15 mins – Debating one on one
You can choose to be either FOR or AGAINST.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to rename yourself and add F or A after your name.

Part 2: 15 mins – Debating one on one
Switch – You will now debate for the other side.

Part 3: 30 mins – Group debate
10-12 participants together with 1 moderator.
Speaking in turn, debating each point one at a time.
IMPORTANT: To speak, you must raise your hand and the moderator will let you know when it is your turn to speak.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to reply to the previous participant. Only once the argument is exhausted will we be moving on to the next argument.

In order to participate, you must have attended 10 normal meetings. 

You must be over 16 to participate in the Speaking Club Debates

Contact us

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered yet, please send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Part 1 – Symbols

1. What are some famous symbols that you know?
2. Are symbols important? Why or why not?
3. [♿]Is your city easily accessible for people in wheelchairs in your country?
4. [$] How does your currency compare to the dollar?
5. [☮] How can we achieve world peace?
6. [☯] How can you bring balance to your life?
7. [☢] What do you think of nuclear power?
8. [⚤] Would you rather be a man or a woman in a next life?

Part 2 – Disability

1. How do schools in your country help children with learning disabilities?
2. Are you close with anyone with a disability?
3. How can we be mindful of people with physical disabilities?
4. What are some public amenities important for disabled people?
5. How often do you watch the Paralympics?
6. What’s an inspiring story about someone with a disability?
7. How can we be mindful of people with invisible disabilities?
8. How can we encourage public conversation regarding disability?

Part 3 – Conversation

1. How do you take care of yourself on a busy day?
2. How do you feel about pets on furniture?
3. Would you rather live in New York City or Paris? Why?
4. What is the maximum amount of pets you would have?
5. How many books are on your reading wish-list right now?
6. How often do you watch celebrity awards shows?
7. What makes you satisfied with your day?
8. If you could go back one week, what would you do differently?