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Breakout Rooms - Option Settings

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Before your first meeting, you will need to modify your Breakout Room Settings.
You can start a meeting using your Speaking Club Host account.
To get started, click on the Breakout Rooms button.

Great! Now click on the Create button.

Click on the Options link in the bottom left corner of the Breakout Room window.

The first thing we need to do is to check the box to ‘Automatically move all assigned participants into breakout rooms’

Well done! Now, the countdown timer is currently set to 60 seconds. That’s not quite right.
Click on the Countdown Timer dropdown menu to select a different time.

Click on 15 in order to set the timer to 15 seconds.

Awesome. We’re all done, you can click on the Options link again.

Your options are set and should be saved for your future meetings.

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Part 1 – Symbols

1. What are some famous symbols that you know?
2. Are symbols important? Why or why not?
3. [♿]Is your city easily accessible for people in wheelchairs in your country?
4. [$] How does your currency compare to the dollar?
5. [☮] How can we achieve world peace?
6. [☯] How can you bring balance to your life?
7. [☢] What do you think of nuclear power?
8. [⚤] Would you rather be a man or a woman in a next life?

Part 2 – Disability

1. How do schools in your country help children with learning disabilities?
2. Are you close with anyone with a disability?
3. How can we be mindful of people with physical disabilities?
4. What are some public amenities important for disabled people?
5. How often do you watch the Paralympics?
6. What’s an inspiring story about someone with a disability?
7. How can we be mindful of people with invisible disabilities?
8. How can we encourage public conversation regarding disability?

Part 3 – Conversation

1. How do you take care of yourself on a busy day?
2. How do you feel about pets on furniture?
3. Would you rather live in New York City or Paris? Why?
4. What is the maximum amount of pets you would have?
5. How many books are on your reading wish-list right now?
6. How often do you watch celebrity awards shows?
7. What makes you satisfied with your day?
8. If you could go back one week, what would you do differently?

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